Pink Love


Pink Love born on the high altitude of a small village on the Monti Alburni area (the Alps of South of Italy), province of Salerno. The olives grow at 670 meters above sea level and we can call this collection as “mountain olive oil”.

A mix of Leccino and Frantoio cultivar. Green and brown in color.

Origin: Petina, Salerno 

Blend: Leccino & Frantoio Cultivar

Palate: Med-Strong Fruity & Light Pungent

Aftertaste: Berries, Chestnut, Black Pepper

Bottle Size: 500 ml

Packaging: 1 bottle



While: the perfect idea for your Game Night or Dinner with friends. Highly suggest a Sauvignon Blanc as wine to pair with your food.

Listening to: Figli Delle Stelle - Alan Sorrenti & Anane Vega

Eating with: Brownies, Blueberry Muffins, Poached Eggs, Vegetable Casserole, Green Pesto Pasta, Lemon Cheesecake

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