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It is my favorite. Only for olive oil experts! 

It has its origins with Saracens (Arab and Berber populations) around 800 AC that have brought it during their raids among the south Italian peninsula. Because of that, also called Moresca or Morella (direct recall of the Latin word "Morus," Moors in English).

The pleasant taste of artichoke, accompanied by very light sensations of cardoon, tomato, and grass, makes this variety an element of scarcity in the olive oil biodiversity.

Origin: Modica, Ragusa

Blend: Moresca Monocultivar

Palate: Bitter & Pungent

Notes: Artichoke, Cardoon, Fresh Grass, Tomato


While: in your daily life after or before your gym/swimming pool snack

Listening to: Xtrafunk - Memories 

Eating with: Avocado Bowl, Lentil Soup, Smoked Salmon, morning Smoothie & Musli, Yogurt, any kind of Salad

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