Golden Land


Golden Land because this distinctive oil comes from Apulia, southeast Italy, between Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, with almost 60 million olive trees and production of 100k tons per year of Olive Oil, leading the whole Mediterranean region.

This unique variety, called Favolosa, is light and gentle for your palate with a sophisticated floral taste in your mouth. The ideal combination of main courses and very good for kids.

Irreproducible in any other country with its taste, it is a must for the olive oil lovers to try with their food.

Origin: Galatone, Lecce

Blend: Favolosa Monocultivar

Palate: Lightly Fruity

Aftertasteradish, thyme, fresh walnut



While: a very good option for your Christmas / Diwali / Id-Al Fitr / Yom Kippur. Never forget that Olive Tree is a symbol of peace and a bridge among different cultures!

Listening to: Felicita' - Albano Carrisi & Romina Power

Eating with: Rice-Potatoes-Mussels (to eat only in Apulia), Seafood Paella, Green Papaya Salad, Masala Dosa, Pasta alla Carbonara 

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