Blue Sea


Blue Sea is what you see on the horizon of this cute and old Italian borgo, from the Calabria region, Soveria Simeri.

Three hundred sixty-seven meters above sea level, this location is immersed in an environmental context rich in typical Mediterranean flora and fauna, far from any form of pollution.

Origin: Soveria Simeri

Blend: Carolea Monocultivar

Palate: Medium Pungent & Bitter

Aftertaste: Raw Apple, Chicory, Mint

Bottle Size: 500 ml

Packaging: 1 Bottle




While: far from the crowded and noisy city. You are enjoying your holidays on a beautiful sunny beach. Use as much as you want. No gym instructor is judging you!

Listening to: Ed Wizard Disco Double Dee - Straight Up

Eating with: fresh grilled fish, cucumber & cocoa smoothie, risotto alla pescatora, avocado toast, taco shrimps

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