Our Territory

Elevo comes to life in a territory that has been meticulously searched and chosen.

A process of selection that lasted for over three years supported by the professional researchers, agronomists, and several panel tests to make sure we could produce a one of its kind. Everything we do, we do it with dedication, passion, and love. We share the same values of our farmers, and we work together to protect and respect the land supported by

the last brand new technologies to produce high-quality oil.

The uniqueness of Elevo is remarkable as it is the expression of the DNA of a terroir that can’t reproduce anywhere else.


SWEET HARMONY comes from Lamporechhio, Tuscany

Wavy green hills, infinite lawns adorned by olive trees, cypresses and vineyards. One of the most peculiar Italian landscapes: the magnificent Tuscany.

It is in the heart of this extraordinary scenario lies Lamporecchio, the hometown of our Tuscan Sweet Harmony Extra Virgin Olive Oil collection.

Our Farmer : Meet Mrs. TIZIANA FABIANI


She is our farmer from Lamporechhio, Tuscany of our sweet Harmony Collection. She started farming almost 30 years ago in the Monte Albano area. She has dedicated her life to a passion for agriculture with this family run business of olive oil, which includes her husband and son. Her vision is led by quality first approach as she uses the same oil in her kitchen. The olive trees in this particular soil are wildly intact, which results in olive oil high in polyphenols and antioxidants. We are proud to work with an experienced and passionate farmer where the quality of our Sweet Harmony collection speaks for itself. 


FRESH HERBS comes from Lago di Garda or Lake Garda

Hidden among the Alps and the Po Valley, punctuated by oleanders and olive trees, lies the marvelous land of Garda Lake where nature perfectly blends with ancient villages, monasteries, and castles giving life to one of the most suggestive landscapes of the north of Italy.

Our Farmer : Meet Mr. Mario Morandini


He is Mr. Mario Morandini, who is our farmer for our Fresh Herbs collection. He is a passionate farmer and loves what he does. For him seeing the olive trees, olive fruits growing year after year, and extra virgin olive oil production in the protected and Suitable technological setting is the most satisfying thing to see than anything else. His skills come primarily from the distant past from his grandfather to his father and then to him. He brings innovation in the farming and the production process through observation and by continuously learning new techniques in the industry.

We have a precise goal to bring maximum quality, sustainable use of technology, and unlimited curiosity.


BLUE SEA comes from Soveria Simeri, Calabria

Blue Sea is what you see on the horizon of this cute and old Italian borgo, from the Calabria region, Soveria Simeri. 367 meters above sea level, this location is immersed in an environmental context rich in typical Mediterranean flora and fauna, far from any form of pollution.

Our Farmer : Meet Mr. Giuseppe Fratto



PINK LOVE comes from Pettina, Salerno

Pink Love born on the high altitude of a small village on the Monti Alburni area (the Alps of South of Italy), province of Salerno. The olives grow at 670 meters above sea level and we can call this collection as “mountain olive oil”.

Our Famer : Meet Mr. Antonio Carleo

A Young Agronomist and Passionate Farmer




GREEN GARDEN comes from Monte IBLEI, Sicily

Green Garden is an expression of the green hills outside the city of Modica.

The origins of this cultivar is from 900 a.C., when Moors, arab-berber populations, conquered Sicily and imported their own olives.

This is the reason of its name: Moresca. Strong and fruity flavour. Perfect match for every vegetarian dish.

Our Farmer : Meet Agosta Family



GOLDEN LAND comes from Lecce, Apulia

Golden Land because it belongs to Apulia, the region of olive trees that lead the 60% of the national olive oil production.

From 2010 to 2020 a bacteria, called Xylella, has killed millions of olive trees. This cultivar is immune and has been used to replant and let grow again the olive oil based economy of Apulia. Very good as contrast aftertaste for rice, pasta, focaccia and any grain based meal.

Our Farmer : Meet Mr Dimitrio De Magistris