An International Extra virgin olive oil Brand
The essence of what we do is expressed in one word: Elevo. It is a direct recall of the Italian word “ulivo” which literally means olive tree, but for us represents something more: a mere tree of life.
This is us, more than just a little farm, we are an International Brand founded in Berlin in 2019 proud and determined to spread the marvellous story behind our products.

Our Story

I grew up in the Italian countryside with beautiful olive trees where I have known the value of high-quality olive oil early on in my life and its long-lasting impact on health. When I moved abroad almost four years ago, I observed there is a lack of knowledge and awareness around olive oil which includes the diverse use of it as well as the quality itself. I tried several extra virgin olive oils, and I was not satisfied with their taste and the presentation as well.

I wanted to bring the authentic organic extra virgin olive oil to Germany, where people can experience the same quality with which I grew up, with a luxury design. Our collections are not only for the kitchen shelves but the dining table so that you can enjoy luxury dining with friends and family. For me, olive oil is not just oil, but a way of living. It was last year when I decided to start Elevo with my wife, where we want to dare and make the difference to get the world aware of the value of extra virgin olive oil.
We want to give voice to the “artisans of high-quality olive oil” (our farmers) that are getting excluded by mass production economies with standard oils with no identity.

We also want to preserve the biodiversity of the Italian peninsula with more than 500 cultivars, which represent 50% of the global olive diversity.

To Summarize, Elevo is the manifesto of a lifestyle focused on the pure love for food, travel, nature and health through an unseen luxury experience.
We are in love with life, our beautiful world, and robust nature, and we stand in the first line to take care of it with the hope we can protect its singular beauty forever.
Giuseppe Milo
CEO and Co - Founder
Signature Giuseppe Milo - Founder of Elevo


Social Responsibility

Elevo is proud to claim that the 9% of the annual revenue is devolved to the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Berlin.