Discover Sweet Harmony

Lamporechhio, Tuscany

Wavy green hills, infinite lawns adorned by olive trees, cypresses and vineyards. This is one of the most peculiar Italian landscapes: the magnificent Tuscany.

It is in the heart of this remarkable scenario lies Lamporecchio, the hometown of our Tuscan Sweet Harmony Extra Virgin Olive Oil collection.


Meet The Farmer Elevo

She is our farmer from Lamporechhio, Tuscany of our sweet Harmony Collection. She started farming almost 30 years ago in Monte Albano area. She has dedicated her life to passion for farming with this family run business of olive oil which includes her husband and son. Her vision is led by quality first approach as she uses the same oil in her own kitchen. The olive trees in this particular soil are wildly intact which results in olive oil high in polyphenols and antioxidants. We are proud to work with experienced and passionate farmer where the quality of our Sweet Harmony collection speaks for itself.