Why Turmeric(Curcuma) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a powerful Duo

As we know, Turmeric is also called as golden powder due to numerous health benefits.
According to Ayurveda, this is a crucial ingredient used every time as a part of daily cooking due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties.
On the other hand, olive oil is proven to be the healthiest oil available on earth and that's why we call it liquid gold where it has almost the same health benefits like anti-inflammatory and antioxidants due to the presence of polyphenols.
According to the Mediterranean diet, this is a crucial ingredient for every staple food.
Why not combine the power of Ayurveda and Mediterranean routine to give all the rich nourishment to our body to fight against several diseases.

This Duo is compelling as their health benefits are numerous, that they should be part of your daily lifestyle.

There are several ways you can combine these two, whether it's your morning turmeric detox drink or lazy Sundays Curcuma Latte or some healthy snacks such as Golden Turmeric cookies. 

Be healthy and enjoy the golden gifts by nature Turmeric and Liquid gold (extra-virgin olive oil) in your everyday routine.



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wealliato May 23, 2021

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jeosmettE May 16, 2021

Content. How would u make a detox drink from these ingredients please?

Rodney Latchford April 20, 2021
jeosmettE April 08, 2021

Enjoyed reading about turmeric and olive combined and its benefits. Thankyou

maryann April 02, 2020

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