Why Olive Oil is so important with Food Pairing

elevo olive oil and chocolate

Food pairing is an art. A marvelous art.
It is just like painting, creating new shades, exploring new techniques, daring with colors and being surprised by the infinite possibilities we have. This is what food pairing means to us.
It is all about going beyond the limits and explore new horizons, find the perfect match and try the unexpected.
Isn’t this so fascinating?
Food pairing means finding the perfect balance between art and logic; it is not only creativity but knowledge too. This is why it is necessary to own the expertise and know the characteristics of every oil in order to make the most of this eclectic and wonderful product.
We want to gently guide you into this incredible world and get more familiar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, its properties and its use. 

For instance, have you ever wonder which is the story behind the word “fruity” used to describe an oil?
The term “fruity” is used to refer to the unmistakable fragrance of the olive when it is perfectly mature and to the authentic flavor unleashed when it is pressed.

Its scent must be wrapping and strong so that the oil is going to have the same personality as the raw material.
According to the intensity of the bouquet of flavors, extra virgin olive oil can be classified as light, medium or intense. This is one of the first notions to own in order to create a perfect pairing.

Which are the peculiarities of every level of intensity?
Light: oil with a light hint of bitterness and spiciness.
It is meant to be matched with simple dishes with a delicate structure and flavor. Imagine a refreshing soft swordfish tartare with juicy mango and crunchy fennel. A mix of different textures to be embellished with the notes of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Medium: soft on the palate; bitterness and spiciness are more balanced and, for this reason, it is suitable for well-balanced recipes.
A refined and tasty chickpeas cream, enriched with stewed radicchio on top and black pepper is perfect to welcome a medium fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Intense: powerful and elegant at the same time. The intensity of bitterness is undoubtedly higher.
With its fierce character, we suggest to use it in a way you would have not expected: for a dessert.
White chocolate flavored panna cotta with orange curd on top will surprise you with an extraordinary sensorial experience is given by the addition of oil.
Extra virgin olive oil is more than a simple seasoning, it becomes the protagonist, as important as the ingredients it is going to be matched with. It changes the whole dish giving it a new identity, a new flavor, and roundness.
Remember that, food pairing also means giving a voice to the land, the terroir and farmers and finding the right harmony between food and oil means to reward their laudable work.

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