Understanding Food Pairing and Olive Oil

Exploration, creation, experimentation

This is what food pairing means to us. It is an intriguing and charming game lead to finding the perfect match between the oil and the ingredients.

food pairing and olive oil

It is all about finding a common language, a meeting point where these two wonderful worlds can start to communicate, interact, blend in together and evoke new sensorial experiences, over and over again. Every time is a new journey to a new combination of aromas, textures, and flavors.
How fascinating is all that? It is something that goes beyond the mere blending: food pairing is pure art.

Every recipe is a work of art itself where extra virgin olive oil stands out as the real protagonist, as the element that makes the difference and leaves the mark with its vivid and strong personality.
Its versatility lets the magic happen and exhibits many different flavors according to the items it is paired with; it keeps its peculiar essence but comes to life in different ways, all the time.

To enjoy a real explosion of flavors and infinite combinations, follow these precious tips about extra virgin olive oil food pairing.
The key is to create a perfect harmony between the dominant flavors in your ingredients and the olive oil and to decide which is going to be the relationship between them.
Make sure that the taste and flavor of the olive oil you choose are suitable for the recipe you want to realize and decide which kind of taste you want to obtain: complementary or contrasting taste.
Create complementary flavors blending two similar ingredients where you do not overpower primary flavors. Choose mild-flavored olive oils with subtle dishes and stronger ones to complement hearty foods.
Bring to life contrasting flavors by highlighting the oil and bringing out the fruitiness or bitterness of the oil, thereby adding more richness and complexity to your dish. that let you taste each ingredient separately.

mozzarella and olive oil

The intensity of the taste in another key element to keep in mind to make the most of the art of blending.

Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oils, with a mild and smooth taste, go best with foods such as pesto, fish, salads, and eggs.

Medium-Bodied Extra Virgin Olive Oils, characterized by a pleasant bitterness, slightly fruity with a hint of pepper finish, are best paired with vegetables, fresh pasta, white meat as grilled chicken or slow-roasted meat as a lamb.
It is perfect to be drizzled over mozzarella or for dipping bread.

Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oils, with a bold flavor and a fresh grassy taste with a hint of artichoke.
Highlight its personality pairing it with spicy dishes, aged cheese, pasta sauces, stews, grilled meats, drizzled on top of sauces or artisan bread.

Dare and create!
Food pairing is an art of intuition, dialogue, exploration where every choice leads to new pleasures and emotions.

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