Germanics were an indo-european population who lived in northern Europe and gradually expanded to the central and mediterranean areas, melting with other people – for example the ancient romans - and influencing their cultures. Also the gastronomic ones. Before the so-called "Völkerwanderung" (germanic invasion) in the Italian peninsula, the mediterranean populations used to eat cereals, eggs, vegetables and olive oil.
The germanic culinary culture showed them long cooking methods (like braised) and some preservation systems (like sausages), soups, lot of meat, barley and wheat infusion (the beer), lard and butter as condiments. Through the banquets, the Germanics were spending their social life like the ancient romans.
Focusing on dressing used to flavour food, mediterranean people had an ancient and deep-rooted tradition in using the olive oil; instead Germanics didn’t have olive trees among their cultivations and used to prepare animal fats to season their typical dishes.
So, it can be deduced that Germanics didn’t acquire such a gastronomic aspect from the mediterranean cultures, maybe due to the lack of a favourable environment for certain crops.
Nowadays, there is still a lack of knowledge and awareness around olive oil, both form ancient gemanics and among contemporary germans: fundamentally, there is not a profound and historical culture of olive oil.
However, german food market actually see a growing demand of olive oil: the vast majority is imported from Italy.

Although Germany presents an obviously lower per capita consumption of olive oil than mediterranean countries, its market is becoming more
important and especially is growing in reference to the high quality of the olive oil. So that Germany is becoming one of the largest olive oil markets in northern Europe and german consumers are progressively including olive oil into their cooking habits.
There is also who desires having an olive trees into their own garden, exclusively for an aesthetic sense, but as anticipated the climate doesn’t help the trees to settle in and to produce olives. This can represent a mere trend but can let you imagine how an olive tree can be full of meaning: the meaning of life.

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