Terroir: the ID of Olive Oil

What is Terroir. The ID of Olive Oil.
Olive Oil and Terroir
Do you ever wonder about what makes the Extra Virgin Olive Oil so special? It is all about its origins.
Every scent, every note, every color tells about its background; they create a tale that gently leads us to its land, to the authentic connection with the environment, to what makes it virtuous and exquisite.
It’s called “terroir” and it is the main reason for the uniqueness of the final product.
Its peculiarities, the geographic position, the typical climate, the ground features, the plantation techniques perfectly blend in with the savoir-faire, the tradition, the passion of the farmer who learned how to listen and how to speak the same language of the environment. All of this creates a magical synergy that comes from a shared harmony between the land and the product itself. It’s a poetic twist of natural elements and human dedication.
This is why the terroir’s concept is extremely important to define the value of the final product: it establishes the oil’s identity, personality, and DNA. 
Just like the most refined wines, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the expression of the singularity of the land and its ingredients and, whoever tastes it, will immediately be aware of the fact that its extremely high quality derives from the unique characteristics of that specific terroir which can’t be found nor replicated anywhere else.
View from Montalbano Valley in Porciano, Tuscany
Experience Tuscany
It is in the heart of Tuscany, in the enchanting Montalbano area, where the terroir brings our oil to life.
It is here where the magic happens. 
Montalbano hilly chain is a branch of the Apennines that spreads over 16000 hectares.
The land of oil and wine whose roads will lead you to a sensorial experience to discover all its typical flavors. Chestnuts, holm oaks and acacia woods; gentle hills dotted with shrubs and typical herbs of the Mediterranean vegetation surround the natural terraces and olive trees stretch. 
A mesmerizing landscape, home of Leonardo Da Vinci, whose beauty became the protagonist of many of his paintings.
Deep in this stunning Tuscan scenario, made this way thanks to the intervention of the farmers during the ages, immersed in the vineyards and cypresses there are two remarkable villages: Lamporecchio and Porciano.
Their history lies in every corner, among the towers, suggestive churches, small museums, and charming tiny roads and it comes to life with the Etruscan settlement, medieval castles, farmhouses, and estates.
It is here, in these unique geographic natural conditions, among wavy hills and fertile lands that only a premium oil such as Elevo can be produced. 
Montalbano oil stands out for its unmistakable characteristics and its balanced flavor.
The essence of its terroir can be perceived in every single note and it is immediately recognizable on the nose and to the taste. It has the honor to be labeled as “IGP Toscano di Montalbano” to claim its high quality, accurate selection of the olives and extreme dedication during the production process. 
It is in this enchanting environment where an élite oil such as Elevo comes to life.


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