Six locations to reinvent your Lake Garda Trip

Lazise: An enchanting flooring in the city center.

Lazise is an interesting town from different points of view, which testify to the long and complex history of the village, particularly during the medieval period.

The floors in the historic center are beautiful: the floor pattern is checkered in the main square, while the lakeside promenade and the alleys of the village are characterized by a tiled floor positioned to create imaginative and mesmerizing geometries.

Tremosine sul Garda: La Strada della Forra.

The “Strada della Forra” is a real gem stuck in the rock. On the day of its opening ceremony, in 1913 it was called "the eighth wonder of the world". The route, about 6 kilometers long, is surprising. From all points of view: it seems to enter into the heart of the mountain. Between deep tunnels and climbing plants, the gaze escapes towards the wrinkled rock, marked by the overlapping of the secular layers, folded on themselves like pages of a book.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia


Gargnano: Villa Bettoni. Mighty Architecture.

Inserted in the prestigious Italian Register of Historic Houses of Excellence, Villa Bettoni opens its doors to the public by offering the opportunity to immerse themselves in the centennial history of this family. Among impressive halls, princely furniture and richly frescoes staircases you will be able to savor the noble lifestyle and the taste for beauty, enjoying breathtaking views in one of the most enchanting areas of Lake Garda.

Villa Bettoni Garda
Picture from Villa Bettoni (source: Instagram profile @villabettoni)


Sirmione: Scaligero Castle.

The best way to explore the old city of Sirmione is on foot. The first thing you see is the Scaliger Castle which is one of the best-preserved castles in all of Italy. Its position is truly fascinating and welcomes tourists who enter Sirmione.

After visiting the historic part of the city, you can take a moment to relax by drinking the Italian “aperitivo” at the Terme di Sirmione or if it is summer, on one of its beaches like Jamaica beach.

Limone sul Garda: the Cycle Route.

The walks are the most beautiful thing that can be done in this village. In addition to seeing the small church of San Rocco, from where you can admire a beautiful panorama, you can leave the main road and walk through the alleys with flanked by ancient houses, covered with bougainvillea, plants, and other multicolored flowers.

In addition to this, two years ago the most beautiful cycle path in Europe was inaugurated, making it a unique work worldwide, over 140 kilometers long, which forms the Garda Cycle Route, integrated and connected with other important bicycle routes.

San Zeno di Montagna.

In San Zeno di Montagna natural beauty, peace and fresh and healthy air are ideal for the elderly and children, and for anyone wishing to practice sports and enjoy themselves in the open air.

Ancient paths invite you to go for walks between the lake and the mountains, to practice trekking, mountain biking, and mountaineering; You can also go horse riding, paragliding, and hang-gliding.

Garda Landscape of Italy

Landscape of Garda

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