How to preserve national products in the global market: bet on the excellence.

Capitalism has placed on the market products from around the world, favoring a large circulation of goods, bringing a positive impetus to multiculturalism, a factor that can enrich every society.

The flipside to that is national producers can be subject to an unfair competition if the goods are cheaper because they are imported from countries where the labor costs are considerably lower, as well as the quality controls.
This aspect adversely affects both the producers and the consumers, who have to juggle with bottles bearing vague or zero claims about home country, percentage of ingredients and manufacturing technologies, lacks that are at the expense of the taste and the health.

Italian countryside - Tuscany

Tuscany Countryside. Prov. Empoli

The failures and the limits of the capitalist economy arise with a particular emphasis on the oil industry, putting in knee many small and medium-sized national businesses.
Natural events like frost, vermin attacks or drought with a gradual increase in consumption of olive oil and the lower duties opened the doors to cheap and low-quality oil, sometimes doomed for a product deriving from national olives.

The European Union plays an important role in this game, having the responsibility to establish common sanitary, environmental and labeling rules, through the tightening of the controls’ stranglehold.
However the producers, for their part, have to bet on the quality of their items, moving the “battle” in a field where they feel more comfortable if they seek to overcome the foreign competition.
Not surprisingly, most of the data show that luxury and upmarket are the most stable economic sector. This is a sign that consumers with economic means always prefer goods produced by brilliant businessmen, skilled artisans and hardworking cultivators who have dedicated their energies and expertise to forging admirable products.
These passion and knowledge are unique and unmistakable, iconic seals of a superior quality that cannot be equaled or replicated.

We at Elevo are aware of this great opportunity, so we decided to build the foundations of our brand on the premium quality, picking the best olives, cultured by expert cultivators in fertile charming lands located in the whole Italian Peninsula.
Every bottle of oil is not just an explosion of taste, but it represents also a trip inside Italian culture, art, history, and gastronomy. The design itself makes it artwork, a unique piece that suggests the quality of its content.


Olive, Terroir and Excellence

Green Olive Fruit on the seashore.

Each bottle encloses the uniqueness of the terroir, the passion and the knowledge that farmers pass down from generation to generation, mastering the best cultivating techniques, characterized by the respect for the territory, in a harmonic symbiosis.
The same symbiosis is the basis of the food pairing, a concept that arises from the versatility typical of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and that flourishes in many delicious recipes.
Delicate, medium boiled, robust, every Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a quite different world, that Elevo aims to unveil for its customers, to discover which typology of food is best paired with a particular type of oil.
The mission is to create healthy and harmonious combinations in which oil is the protagonist and responsible for the final kind of taste: complementary or contrasting.

Every estimator of healthy and natural food can recognize an original Extra Virgin Oil with his eyes closed, eschewing pale imitations. However, every consumer should be put in a position to be aware of a product’s features and origin.


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