Be part of Nature with Style

We enjoy the beauty, through our eyes, thanks to the natural spectacle and we feed on beauty thanks to the resources that our planet offers us. These include olive oil, God's gift to our planet.

Today, we are called increasingly to protect our environment, a precious and fragile resource and for this reason, all human activity, from fashion to food production, must be carried out by ethical principles.
Have you ever thought about what has fashion to do with olive oil?

olive tree, elevo. Credit pic. @studiojpo

We have incorporated the olive oil production to the green-eco fashion production to build an intimate relationship between these two worlds that, at first glance, seem like a fairly distant but they aren’t.
The ancient production of oil, in respect of the traditional techniques of processing olives, combined with new technology, is wisely linked to make a real contribution in terms of quality and obtain an excellent oil with an intense and persistent aroma and a delicate taste.
For many called liquid gold, oil is a precious and timeless good that transcends fashions and time.

If we now consider fashion, not only as a fast-moving style but anything timeless, we have something that goes over time, in the most modern approach to life.
From clothing that transcends time, like the miniskirt created by Mary Quant in 1965 or the Little Black Dress, worn by a splendid Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's”, to olive oil that dates as far back as the bible, feeding and nurturing humanity.
Not only does olive oil nourish, but it also has an extraordinary ability to enhance life, increase the quality of it, and most likely, extend it. In the same way and every era, all human beings have had to cover themselves, creating beautifully crafted clothes to make themselves recognizable within society and make their personalities blossom.

credit pic. Analise Benevides

Fashion can be considered as the history of civilization in continuous evolution. Through the birth of new styles, the different groups of an evolving society have communicated their identity, their adherence to certain cultural values and their differentiation from other groups.
Keeping with this assumption, designers try to grasp new trends by proposing new lines that, shared by the majority, become the fashion.
At the same time, they are increasingly aware they are part of an ethical pyramid that begins with agriculture and ends up with the style.
So, when we wear a dress, made according to sustainability criteria that combine ethics and aesthetics we feel delighted by its colors, its fabric, its design, and we feel to be part of nature with style.

In a dress we can find a key to perceive ourselves likewise tasting a traditional olive oil that
combines nature and beauty, the palate is inebriated, the heart is filled with emotions and
satisfaction. The oil becomes a perfect synthesis of goodness, beauty and timeless authenticities, like a dress that gives us vigor, elegance, and sensuality.

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